Vocal Performances

Vision Vocal Shows & Performances

Delta Fair Stage Time.

Optional Performance -Reserved for Competitive Singers Only”

Dates:  TBA 

Performance Fee:  $40 to Vision Academy

Vision Academy Rents Stage Time each year at the Delta Fair for our upcoming Competitive Vocalists. Each participant will pay a $40 performance fee which pays for our 2 hour time rental on the Delta stage, professional sound equipment, a professional sound engineer, 2 entry tickets into the Delta Fair, and a FANTASTIC opportunity for those competition acts to get PRACTICE for the upcoming competition season.   There will be a Max of 35 Available Time Slots.  1st Come-1st Serve so sign up fast.

  • Special Note: 2 Admission Tickets into the Fair = $20, therefore the performance fee is only $20 over the cost of admission for 2 people.

Star of The Fair Talent Competition.

Optional Performance/Competition”

Dates:  Sept. 2-4, 2018  

Fair Fee:  $20 Teacher Fair Fee

Star of the Fair Talent Competition is modeled after the American Idol talent contest, Star of the Fair will be a feature Attraction at the 2019 Delta Fair & Music Festival. It seeks to showcase the top vocalists in the Mid-South. (Contestants must be 8 to 28 years old on or before September 03, 2019).   This is a 3 day competition.

Fair Fees are to be paid directly to your teacher ($25 for 1 Act & $40 if you have 2 or more Acts competing).  These fees are due to the many additional hours involved for your teacher to attend each competition, his/her expenses involved per day, as well as taking into consideration that your teacher must cancel any/all lessons that interfere with the times they will be at the competition with your child.

Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Competition

*Optional Performance/Competition

Dates:  TBA

Fair Fee:  $25-$40 Teacher Fair Fee

Established in 1953, the Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Contest is dedicated to the discovery, development and encouragement of young amateur entertainers from an eight-state region who have performed in the hopes of being recognized and catapulted to fame. Each year, the Youth Talent Committee selects deserving acts from a field of thousands of contestants at more than 150 preliminary contests. Talented individuals and groups compete in preliminaries sponsored by clubs, schools, county fairs and civic groups for the chance to perform in the contest.  This contest has served as a launching pad for the careers of many noteworthy performers. Elvis Presley is probably one of the most famous participants. Other notables include Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass, Contemporary Christian singer Clay Crosse as well as Pop and R&B singer Wendy Moten. Patsy Cline was a sweepstakes winner at the Fair.

Fair Fees are to be paid directly to your teacher ($25 for 1 Act & $40 if you have 2 or more Acts competing).  These fees are due to the many additional hours  involved for your teacher to attend each competition, his/her expenses involved per day, as well as taking into consideration that your teacher must cancel any/all lessons that interfere with the times they will be at the competition with your child.

Gift of Music

*Recommended Performance”

Dates:  Month of December

Performance Fee:  $15 Teacher Fee

Vision Academy wants to give back our Gifts of music this Holiday season. Each teacher will select a venue either close to their heart or perhaps close to one of your heart’s in which to perform. Past venues include the Ronald McDonald House, The Village of Germantown Retirement Community, St. Jude, Memphis Grizzlies House, The Target House, Page Robbins Day Care, The Mariah House, Kirby Pines Retirement Community, and the Memphis Zoo.

Gift of Music Performance fees will be paid directly to your teacher which will cover their expense to provide, rent, or outsource someone to provide a  sound system for this performance opportunity

Back to Basics

Visions wants to get back to basics and teach our students the importance of the technical aspects of music and how it can empower their vocal capabilities. Whether pursuing commercial, musical theatre, or classical music, this recital is based off the model most colleges utilize for their voice majors   Students will be exposed to varied styles of vocal repertoire, including: Musical Theater, Classical Art, as well as Folk Songs with a primary focus on healthy classical technique. The student will learn the foundation of reading sheet music, which will help further the development of basic music skills.  Each teacher will designate a song that will challenge the specific student musically. The primary focus for song selection is one that forces each student out of their comfort zone to work areas of their voice not normally utilized in performance. Students will be required to learn from the printed sheet music that the teacher will provide & be required to perform with a live pianist.


Dates: Feb 21 and 22nd 2020

Performance Fee:   $50 Fee (Due with Feb. Tuition). 

Recital Production Fee covers the Rental of Performance Venue, Live Accompanist for performance, rehearsal with Live Accompanist prior to Recital, Practice Track, Sheet Music Song, & Free Admission to Performance.

June Showcase

*Recommended Performance”

Dates:  June 4-6, 2020(Show)  (June 1-5th/Dress Rehearsal) 2020

Performance Fee:  $75 to Vision Academy  (Due with January Tuition)  Show Production Fee covers the Rental of the beautiful St. Mary’s Buchman Theatre for 7 days, Professional sound and light engineers for 7 days, Backstage Crew, Show Manager, additional time for your teachers to be at the venue all week, as well as 2 COMPLIMENTARY June Showcase tickets ($24/value). 

Our June Showcase is unlike any studio show/recital you have seen.  It’s entertainment value is such that not only a proud parent will enjoy, but grandparents, aunts, uncle, & friends.  Each show is well balanced b/w our recreational dancers/singers, competitive dancers singers, & our twinkle star dancers & shooting star vocal groups.  

This year our June Showcase week will begin on Monday, June 1st for rehearsals & will go through Saturday, June 6th which will be our final show for the week.  This is an exciting week for our students and an amazing opportunity for each of them to showcase their talents in a professional setting.  Participants should not plan a vacation the week before showcase. Show Fees will be due with Feb Tuition & are non refundable so please make every effort to plan your summer around this 1 week. June Tuition is required to be in the show, however teachers will provide a signup link via sign up genius in order to best accommodate everyone’s summer schedules & to help assure your child receives ALL of their summer lessons.

Musical Accompaniment Fee

Musical Accompaniment for each act will be discussed and agreed upon with each parent and their child’s individual vocal teacher.  Accompaniment can arrange from any of the following options:

  • Online Karaoke Track (ranging from $5-$35 depending on edits and/or key changes needed)
  • Live Piano or guitar accompaniment for a solo act. $50/per.  Each student utilizing live accompaniment for the show must also pay a $25/hour fee to rehearse with accompanist & to prepare arrangement & a provide you with a  recorded practice track.

  • Custom Accompaniment track (includes a costume arrangement and multiple instruments).  

  • Live Band. Prices range from $75-$150 depending on how many shows student will be performing in, song choice, the use of the full band or partial band, group or solo act, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose another Dance class to come to! However we do not refund any missed dance or vocal group classes! 

We recommended participating in our showcase but you are not required to. 

No but there are some special instances where a dress code will apply. Ballet – Black leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Twinkle Star Dance- Twinkle Tutu and bear.

Yes! You can try any group class for free. Just give us a call and we will save a pot for you to try.

Yes! Any costumes bought will be nonrefundable but you may keep them! 

To withdrawal from our studio you must fill out a withdrawal form found at the front desk. A 30 day notice is required before automatic payments will cease. 

Dancers- Check out the online schedule and look for your age range. If you are more advanced or don’t feel comfortable in that class we will change levels until it works best! 

We do all registration online. Just Click the “Enroll Now” button and that is it! 

Call us and we can set you up! The Groupon is good for 4 classes, after your 4th class contact us about continuing.

Now you can go to our next program, Show Stars! Our Show Stars program encompases the same styles of dance that Twinkle Star gave but now we add more!


If you have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our team members:

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