Pearl Holland

Piano Instructor


I started piano when I was 7 and reading music was something that came very easy to me. In elementary school, I also took violin and played in orchestra through high school. I taught my first piano student when I was a senior and they were in college. So funny to look back on! 

All that to say, I have a long history with music. My teachers were always very strict and classically trained so it wasn’t very fun.  The way I teach is to see what interests the student most and make it fun. My hope is that they will learn to read music and play piano with enjoyment. Learning the notes is so important to me – much more than memorizing how it should sound or where to put their fingers.

Practice at home is important. Does Mary have a piano or keyboard?


The first lesson is really more of a getting to know each other time. We will talk about music and the piano and we will incorporate coloring.


Lessons are 30 minutes once a week and I basically follow the school schedule. 

Fall break, Christmas break and Spring break will be weeks we take off. Summer break is different and we will work out a schedule that works with vacations.


Classes Taught by Pearl: 

Piano Private Lessons 

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