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Vocal Groups and Private Lessons Starting at age 5! 

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Visions Academy of Voice 

One of the most commonly asked questions among our voice teachers is “Can you teach anyone to sing?”. Our response is simple: We believe that if you have faith in a student and teach them to believe in themselves that every child can and will progress. Our vocal program is tailored to meet you right where you are and enable you with the tools needed to push you to your next level. Whether you are walking into your first voice lessons or have mastered the art and simply need to maintain your craft:  Our vocal coaches are here to encourage you, foster you, and help advance you.

All of us at Vision Academy feel privileged to provide our students with a great vocal education.



Erika Cobb

Vocal Director & Instructor

Group Lessons

This 30-45 minute weekly lesson was designed to nurture the voice of young singers carefully by using songs to teach pitch, rhythm, blending, and intonation in a fun musical setting.  Students will learn a variety of musical styles and lots of fun practice songs to keep their interest.  This group setting promotes confidence and gives a good performing foundation for later solo instruction.  Each age groups will sing song games, practice performing by themselves, prepare a song for all of our Visions performances, and learn additional techniques based on their specific age.

 Groups for Ages 5 and up

Private Vocal Lessons

Our vocal training program is designed for the recreational singer, the singer who is serious about advancing to our competitive level, as well as the singer who wants to pursue music as a lifetime career. Our program offers a strong foundation in all styles of singing such as Classical, Musical Theatre, Commercial Music, and our newest addition, Artist Development.

Mandi Thomas on the Voice

Congrats to our vocal teacher Mandi Thomas for getting to the top 17 on the Voice! 


Our Vocal Staff

Erika Cobb

Vocal Director and Instructor

Mandi Thomas

Vocal Teacher

Megan McNeely

Vocal Teacher

JT Shaheen

Artistic Development Director

Gina Vandegrift

Vocal teacher

Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace

Vocal teacher

Caitie Montague

Vocal teacher

Cyrena Wages

Vocal Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose another Dance class to come to! However we do not refund any missed dance or vocal group classes! 

We recommended participating in our showcase but you are not required to. 

No but there are some special instances where a dress code will apply. Ballet – Black leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Twinkle Star Dance- Twinkle Tutu and bear.

Yes! You can try any group class for free. Just give us a call and we will save a pot for you to try.

Are costume fees nonrefundable?

To withdrawal from our studio you must fill out a withdrawal form found at the front desk. A 30 day notice is required before automatic payments will cease. 

Dancers- Check out the online schedule and look for your age range. If you are more advanced or don’t feel comfortable in that class we will change levels until it works best! 

We do all registration online. Just Click the “Enroll Now” button and that is it! 

Call us and we can set you up! The Groupon is good for 4 classes, after your 4th class contact us about continuing.

Now you can go to our next program, Show Stars! Our Show Stars program encompases the same styles of dance that Twinkle Star gave but now we add more!



If you have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our team members:

Deonna Shaheen – Owner/Dance Director 

Katie Kallenberger – Manager 

Erika Cobb- Vocal Director 

Lindsey Houston- Twinkle Star Director 

McCheyne Post- Music Director