Instrument Lessons in Memphis

Plays numerous instruments including Violin, Cello, Bass, and Guitar.

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McCheyne Post is a qualified music education major at the University of Memphis who enjoys sharing his abilities with others by helping to create the next generation of musicians.  McCheyne is a seasoned musician who plays all over the Memphis area. He plays numerous instruments including Violin, Cello, Bass, and Guitar. We are thrilled to have him at Vision Academy where his teaching focus is Violin & Guitar.

As a teacher, his goal is to train and equip students with the skills & techniques needed to become efficient working musicians while fostering a fun learning environment in order to keep the student interested and excited about their instrument. McCheyne has been playing guitar since he was thirteen and has been classically trained in violin, piano, and music theory since he was eleven.  He has an extensive history of performing and is most frequently seen on the stage or in the orchestra pit at Playhouse on the Square.

McCheyne Post

Guitar & Violin  Instructor


Our Instrumental Staff

Pearl Holland

Piano Instructor

McCheyne Post

Guitar and Violin Instructor

Thomas Bergstig

Piano Instructor


Instrumental Tuition

For ages 5+.Lessons offered Piano,Guitar,Bass,Ukulele,Violin 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose another Dance class to come to! However we do not refund any missed dance or vocal group classes! 

We recommended participating in our showcase but you are not required to. 

No but there are some special instances where a dress code will apply. Ballet – Black leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Twinkle Star Dance- Twinkle Tutu and bear.

Yes! You can try any group class for free. Just give us a call and we will save a pot for you to try.

Yes! Any costumes bought will be nonrefundable but you may keep them! 

To withdrawal from our studio you must fill out a withdrawal form found at the front desk. A 30 day notice is required before automatic payments will cease. 

Dancers- Check out the online schedule and look for your age range. If you are more advanced or don’t feel comfortable in that class we will change levels until it works best! 

We do all registration online. Just Click the “Enroll Now” button and that is it! 

Call us and we can set you up! The Groupon is good for 4 classes, after your 4th class contact us about continuing.

Now you can go to our next program, Show Stars! Our Show Stars program encompases the same styles of dance that Twinkle Star gave but now we add more!



If you have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our team members:

Saskia Harmon—Program Director
Jessica Stillman—Company Manager
Jen Burns—Dance Operations Manager